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    • Frog

      RISE Youtube Channel!   11/07/2017

      -We now have a youtube channel up and running,we would appreciate if every member would go and support it by subscribing to the channel and check out our video's! -Also,if anyone has some awesome cool clips from any of our division games,please make sure to send me your email in PM and I'll send you a invitation to the dropbox where you will be easily able to upload files.- -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7dT9M1SdHj1FaWPnQFkiSA
    • MrSandman

      Community Meetings   12/10/2017

      OFFICIAL: The community will be meeting Sunday 9 PM EST starting next week for members to voice their opinions and suggest new things to the community. It is NOT mandatory to attend
    • MrSandman

      Community Meeting 12/24/17 CANCELLED   12/22/2017

      We will not be having our community meeting due to the holidays. Have a merry christmas!
    • MrSandman

      New Game Divisions!   01/11/2018

      RISE is looking for new game divisions! If you have a passion for a game that RISE does not support refer to our game division requirements on our website. If you would like to be apart of staff this is a very good oppurtunity to do so       https://www.risencoalition.com/index.php?/topic/32-how-to-start-a-game-division-for-rise/
    • MrSandman

      Arma 3 Milsim   01/17/2018

      [RISE] is happy to sponsor 1st Marine Division! Check the sub-forum for details!


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  1. Russianfkr - Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied.
  2. Ban Appeal PubG

    You were banned following numerous complaints from community members and staff about toxicity, in addition to ignoring multiple warnings about switching to PTT if you couldn't control your hot micing. Request denied - at the very least we expect people who appeal to be honest about the circumstances of their ban.
  3. joshua1822

    Hi Lodus, I'm the admin that issued your ban, shortly after you repeatedly teamkilled RISE members and attempted to ram helicopters into my tank on an Arma 3 KOTH server. I also don't believe you're being honest when you claim to have no idea why you're banned, considering on both your kick warning and ban message I sent a reason code. Nevertheless, I have videos of the TKs and attempted ramming that I'd be happy to share if it'd jog your memory. Appeal denied.