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    • Frog

      RISE Youtube Channel!   11/07/2017

      -We now have a youtube channel up and running,we would appreciate if every member would go and support it by subscribing to the channel and check out our video's! -Also,if anyone has some awesome cool clips from any of our division games,please make sure to send me your email in PM and I'll send you a invitation to the dropbox where you will be easily able to upload files.- -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7dT9M1SdHj1FaWPnQFkiSA
    • MrSandman

      Community Meetings   12/10/2017

      OFFICIAL: The community will be meeting Sunday 9 PM EST starting next week for members to voice their opinions and suggest new things to the community. It is NOT mandatory to attend
    • MrSandman

      Community Meeting 12/24/17 CANCELLED   12/22/2017

      We will not be having our community meeting due to the holidays. Have a merry christmas!
    • MrSandman

      New Game Divisions!   01/11/2018

      RISE is looking for new game divisions! If you have a passion for a game that RISE does not support refer to our game division requirements on our website. If you would like to be apart of staff this is a very good oppurtunity to do so       https://www.risencoalition.com/index.php?/topic/32-how-to-start-a-game-division-for-rise/
    • MrSandman

      Arma 3 Milsim   01/17/2018

      [RISE] is happy to sponsor 1st Marine Division! Check the sub-forum for details!


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  1. Recruiter Application

    Message me on discord with your responses!
  2. Keith's brigade

    + vote
  3. FirePrometheus

  4. We are always open to expanding our community with giving our members an option to recruit for a game they are passionate about. The following are guidelines RISE staff expect from a member wanting to kick-start their own division. Requirements to start a game division: -You must be 18+ -A game-captain application must be submitted -You must be an active member and willing to commit 5-6 days a week to your game division -As a game captain, you are expected to attend our staff meetings or any other additional meetings to help ensure communication between all levels of staff. -In order for a game to be officially sponsored by our community, you need at least 3-5 active members playing the respective game for up to a week. You will be contacted by a founder or community admin once your game division has been approved.
  5. Ban appeal for Kubakuba

    Ban appeal: Rejected
  6. Striker ban appeal

    Hello Striker, Unfortunately you are not the type of player or person we are looking to give a second chance too. You have simply buried a hole so deep with the staff that is impossible to climb out of due to your actions. Ban Appeal: Rejected Your account will be deleted within the next 24 hours, thank you for your contribution to community and good luck with your gaming ventures.
  7. RISE_ Tags

    Make sure to put on your RISE tags to rep us and make us known throughout the EFT community! Bottom left ---> Settings ---> Change name
  8. Striker ban appeal

    Your ban appeal is currently being reviewed by RISE staff. Thank you for your patience!
  9. Ban appeal guidelines

    Here at Risen Coalition Gaming we see a second chance to be apart of our group valuable and if you show the effort of wanting to stay apart of our community we will gladly give you that second chance. Ban appeals should ideally be written as a letter to the RISE staff stating why you should be unbanned and what you will do to better yourself. Upon approval your ban appeal will remain public until you complete a trial period to get back into the community. Rejection is self-explanatory. Regards, Mr.Sandman
  10. Picard & Voodoo Ban appeal

    Admins will be looking into your ban appeal tonight at our meeting. Thanks!
  11. Mr.Sandman

    Hello! I`m Mr.Sandman and I`m the founder of Risen Coalition Gaming. I am on discord most of the time and if you have any questions or concerns you can always contact me or an admin.
  12. Discord down

    It does this occasionally. There are plans of opening a public RISE teamspeak once we get game servers going.
  13. Map Callouts/Spawnpoints

    You have not overstepped at all man, we encourage this from our members. Thank you for your contribution to the community!
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