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      RISE Youtube Channel!   11/07/2017

      -We now have a youtube channel up and running,we would appreciate if every member would go and support it by subscribing to the channel and check out our video's! -Also,if anyone has some awesome cool clips from any of our division games,please make sure to send me your email in PM and I'll send you a invitation to the dropbox where you will be easily able to upload files.- -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7dT9M1SdHj1FaWPnQFkiSA
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      Community Meetings   12/10/2017

      OFFICIAL: The community will be meeting Sunday 9 PM EST starting next week for members to voice their opinions and suggest new things to the community. It is NOT mandatory to attend
    • MrSandman

      Community Meeting 12/24/17 CANCELLED   12/22/2017

      We will not be having our community meeting due to the holidays. Have a merry christmas!
    • MrSandman

      New Game Divisions!   01/11/2018

      RISE is looking for new game divisions! If you have a passion for a game that RISE does not support refer to our game division requirements on our website. If you would like to be apart of staff this is a very good oppurtunity to do so       https://www.risencoalition.com/index.php?/topic/32-how-to-start-a-game-division-for-rise/
    • MrSandman

      Arma 3 Milsim   01/17/2018

      [RISE] is happy to sponsor 1st Marine Division! Check the sub-forum for details!

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  2. Recruiter Application

    Message me on discord with your responses!
  3. Russianfkr - Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied.
  4. Russianfkr - Ban Appeal

    (Not fully Blessed By RISE.Nimble)
  5. Russianfkr - Ban Appeal

    Oh and if you're sitting here wondering why I mentioned Rainbow six its because I would love to play for rise on the soon to be made R6 team if its ever made ive already talked to fridge aka Nimble now about it and He doesn't see any reason why not.
  6. Russianfkr - Ban Appeal

    If for some reason you still think negatively about me please put why so I can better myself and fix my errors so I can try my hardest to get back into RISE.
  7. Russianfkr - Ban Appeal

    Hello all members of RISE, Im not gonna waste anytime with a super fancy introduction so im gonna get right into this. So for those of you who dont know me my name is Russianfkr or KayMactavish from when the Arma 3 exile team was still up I use to be the odd one out from the rest of the group and all of RISE when I first joined for many reasons such as being a toxic player, No PTT, Under 18 ect and when I was in RISE I severely took this organization for granted I thought " Lol if I was to get kicked I could just find another group easy" well that wasn't the case, as a matter of fact, it was the opposite. One day I saw everyone was moving to EFT when it first came out and was gaining popularity and seeing that made me just lose it because I was super devoted to Arma 3 and Exile I would play all day every day with Fridge I would try to prove to people that I could carry my own weight and be a good player that was mature at the age I was, It was working well some days but then others I would ruin it by getting toxic at others and acting like a little kid over dying and leaving during important missions/raids not to mention I never had a great name in Arma 3 ever so that reflected on me in a really hard way but im not gonna get into that, Back to the story so when I noticed that everyone was leaving Arma 3 for EFT I just had a massive outburst of rage and started bashing on the group saying stuff like "This group is dying" or "this group isnt gonna get anywere now" ect I was being a super toxic person and at the time every admin had a really bad view on me and probably still does because I was always toxic such as the time I got into a big fight with Frog over video clips wich was super dumb and unneeded after that fight, however, I relized how childish I was acting and I accepted my ban from RISE and after getting banned from RISE everything just dropped down hill for me, I got banned off all arma 3 server and since then have stopped playing arma and picked up Rainbow Six Siege where ive been taking the time to make a real inpact on my skills by getting High ranks and actually caring about that game while not being toxic. Since my Permaban from RISE I've worked a lot on not getting toxic as dumb issues that don't need to be heard publicly and I've calmed down a lot except for one aspect which is my sanity while playing r6 and not trying to get toxic I turned all that into being wacky and the fun energized player which sounds like a lot and is but that's only when im playing casually but not like you needed to know that. The point im trying to make through this full story is im super sorry for how I acted the first time in RISE and im super sorry for all the things I said and everyone I affected/Pissed off by saying such things if there is any way I could get a second chance back into RISE I would never treat it how I did last time I really miss this community and I miss meeting new people and playing all sorts of games and having a fun time, Every time I even think about RISE I just think about all the dumb shit I did in the past and I try to better myself every day to not be that person that makes RISE look liek shit because thats not what RISE is about or represents.
  8. shabba

    sorry man but the coolest monkey in the jungle joke was to much.i even gave you a couple of chances to redeem urself.
  9. shabba

    and honestly thats fair from you i can see why you're not down for me to rejoin we didn't always agree on stuff and i caused you headaches
  10. shabba

    we have given you to many chances,i dont think anyone wants to deal with ur shit anymore.you dont have my vote....
  11. shabba

    oi mates long time no talk im gonna go straight into it i understand why i was banned for 3 days that one time " i thought the kid was cute" and i understood the seriousness of that situation but a month or so ago i was playing pubg with the homies and i got banned mid game without getting talked to or anything now before that i was getting into a discussion with 2 other members about a joke i made which i was telling them it was just a joke and no harm in it and even bandit backed me up on the fact it was a joke anyways so i get banned and talk to people to see why i got banned and for how long and i was told its only temporary just to cool things down so i say to myself aye no problem let shit cool off why a not shouldn't have joke around with people i wasn't to close with understandable then like 3 weeks goes by and im like shit i got permed for something that wasn't even serious and anytime i try to contact a admin i get cold shouldered about questions anyways that doesn't bother me its understandable u guys are running a community you're busy the main reason im making this appeals is because ive been in this clan since it was LOC allot of people in this clan are my friends and with the near release of DAYZ .63 i just wanna fuck up cherno with them without the clan i really dont have any reasons to be existed for dayz anymore so basically all im trying to say is i hope we can bury the hatchet Admin group my bad for making your job as a clan leader a little harder i apologize sorry ~Shabba/mohammad
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l_8zSZg-viVTZ2bavMEIIKhix6mFTXuVHWcNKZgBrjQ/edit#gid=0
  13. Sit Down

  14. Sad Hatchling

  15. Dab

  16. Sunset Forest

  17. Comment, like, subscribe!
  18. Ban Appeal PubG

    You were banned following numerous complaints from community members and staff about toxicity, in addition to ignoring multiple warnings about switching to PTT if you couldn't control your hot micing. Request denied - at the very least we expect people who appeal to be honest about the circumstances of their ban.
  19. Ban Appeal PubG

    Honestly, I have no idea what happened I think i got angry at someone who were really good friends with a mod. Was in the clan for about a month and i got on one day and saw i was banned/kicked. Would appreciate it if I could join back.
  20. joshua1822

    Hi Lodus, I'm the admin that issued your ban, shortly after you repeatedly teamkilled RISE members and attempted to ram helicopters into my tank on an Arma 3 KOTH server. I also don't believe you're being honest when you claim to have no idea why you're banned, considering on both your kick warning and ban message I sent a reason code. Nevertheless, I have videos of the TKs and attempted ramming that I'd be happy to share if it'd jog your memory. Appeal denied.
  21. joshua1822

    Hello Staff Of Rise I am looking to get back into rise back long ago I was a member of rust then it shutdown and I sat in discord and I recently changed my name to quotd from lodus on discord i'm not too too sure why I was banned I was recommend one of your escape from tarkov videos and I recently bought it and had no one to play with so I was like o I can play with sandman I looked for the rise discord and could not find it so I messaged fridge and he told me I was banned and told me to make a ban appeal so... I'm basically coming back to join the escape from tarkov community you guys have going (i'm lonely out here)
  22. Keith's brigade

    + vote
  23. Keith's brigade

    Please vote to bring keiths brigade to reality
  24. Keith's brigade

    Please vote to bring keiths brigade to reality
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