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    • Frog

      RISE Youtube Channel!   11/07/2017

      -We now have a youtube channel up and running,we would appreciate if every member would go and support it by subscribing to the channel and check out our video's! -Also,if anyone has some awesome cool clips from any of our division games,please make sure to send me your email in PM and I'll send you a invitation to the dropbox where you will be easily able to upload files.- -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7dT9M1SdHj1FaWPnQFkiSA
    • MrSandman

      Community Meetings   12/10/2017

      OFFICIAL: The community will be meeting Sunday 9 PM EST starting next week for members to voice their opinions and suggest new things to the community. It is NOT mandatory to attend
    • MrSandman

      Community Meeting 12/24/17 CANCELLED   12/22/2017

      We will not be having our community meeting due to the holidays. Have a merry christmas!
    • MrSandman

      New Game Divisions!   01/11/2018

      RISE is looking for new game divisions! If you have a passion for a game that RISE does not support refer to our game division requirements on our website. If you would like to be apart of staff this is a very good oppurtunity to do so       https://www.risencoalition.com/index.php?/topic/32-how-to-start-a-game-division-for-rise/
    • MrSandman

      Arma 3 Milsim   01/17/2018

      [RISE] is happy to sponsor 1st Marine Division! Check the sub-forum for details!

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  4. Ban Appeal PubG

    You were banned following numerous complaints from community members and staff about toxicity, in addition to ignoring multiple warnings about switching to PTT if you couldn't control your hot micing. Request denied - at the very least we expect people who appeal to be honest about the circumstances of their ban.
  5. Ban Appeal PubG

    Honestly, I have no idea what happened I think i got angry at someone who were really good friends with a mod. Was in the clan for about a month and i got on one day and saw i was banned/kicked. Would appreciate it if I could join back.
  6. joshua1822

    Hi Lodus, I'm the admin that issued your ban, shortly after you repeatedly teamkilled RISE members and attempted to ram helicopters into my tank on an Arma 3 KOTH server. I also don't believe you're being honest when you claim to have no idea why you're banned, considering on both your kick warning and ban message I sent a reason code. Nevertheless, I have videos of the TKs and attempted ramming that I'd be happy to share if it'd jog your memory. Appeal denied.
  7. joshua1822

    Hello Staff Of Rise I am looking to get back into rise back long ago I was a member of rust then it shutdown and I sat in discord and I recently changed my name to quotd from lodus on discord i'm not too too sure why I was banned I was recommend one of your escape from tarkov videos and I recently bought it and had no one to play with so I was like o I can play with sandman I looked for the rise discord and could not find it so I messaged fridge and he told me I was banned and told me to make a ban appeal so... I'm basically coming back to join the escape from tarkov community you guys have going (i'm lonely out here)
  8. Keith's brigade

    + vote
  9. Keith's brigade

    Please vote to bring keiths brigade to reality
  10. Keith's brigade

    Please vote to bring keiths brigade to reality
  11. FirePrometheus

  12. We are always open to expanding our community with giving our members an option to recruit for a game they are passionate about. The following are guidelines RISE staff expect from a member wanting to kick-start their own division. Requirements to start a game division: -You must be 18+ -A game-captain application must be submitted -You must be an active member and willing to commit 5-6 days a week to your game division -As a game captain, you are expected to attend our staff meetings or any other additional meetings to help ensure communication between all levels of staff. -In order for a game to be officially sponsored by our community, you need at least 3-5 active members playing the respective game for up to a week. You will be contacted by a founder or community admin once your game division has been approved.
  13. FirePrometheus

    Halo, I've been shitting on Sand since before I was born and now I followed him. I love him, can't stop thinking about him. Love to all of ya'.
  14. Ban appeal for Kubakuba

    Ban appeal: Rejected
  15. Ban appeal for Kubakuba

    So to rise staff I am here for a ban appeal the reason why i got banned was because I wan't playing rust as much and also because the rise rust was afraid that i would inside them in the future. I don't play rust that much because it just isn't that fun for me anymore so i don't see why i should get banned for that also with me insiding in the future is highly not gunna happen and even accepted to not be given codes i would work as a slave and gain my trust back but seems like they are fearful for no reason. Anyways i wish to be back in rise but if not i understand anyways good day mates
  16. Striker ban appeal

    Hello Striker, Unfortunately you are not the type of player or person we are looking to give a second chance too. You have simply buried a hole so deep with the staff that is impossible to climb out of due to your actions. Ban Appeal: Rejected Your account will be deleted within the next 24 hours, thank you for your contribution to community and good luck with your gaming ventures.
  17. Picard & Voodoo Ban appeal

    ban revoked welcome back Picard
  18. RISE_ Tags

    Make sure to put on your RISE tags to rep us and make us known throughout the EFT community! Bottom left ---> Settings ---> Change name
  19. Striker ban appeal

    Your ban appeal is currently being reviewed by RISE staff. Thank you for your patience!
  20. Ban appeal guidelines

    Here at Risen Coalition Gaming we see a second chance to be apart of our group valuable and if you show the effort of wanting to stay apart of our community we will gladly give you that second chance. Ban appeals should ideally be written as a letter to the RISE staff stating why you should be unbanned and what you will do to better yourself. Upon approval your ban appeal will remain public until you complete a trial period to get back into the community. Rejection is self-explanatory. Regards, Mr.Sandman
  21. Striker ban appeal

    So full disclaimer I am terrible at typing up things so I will give it my best shot! To all of the staff of RISE, I first want to offer my my sincere apology (I believe it should be in voice, so when I can I could like to say to each of you). Second I want to state the EFT leaving was not my doing nor did I have anything to do with it, also I want to say that my actions I took after finding out I was ban were in the heat of the moment and before ( I found out everyone in the new EFT sever was ban). I thought honestly I was being singled out. I feel really bad for what I did I really do. I was part of a community in the past where I was basically hired to stream and get subscribers for a twitch channel, I got close to 1000 subs and made money off of it which was suppose to be split with me ( I had a contract and everything, which wasn't legalized I found out later), waited and waited never saw a dime, at a meeting I brought it up again and was basically told to fuck off.. they ban me and kicked everyone out of the group, changed their name and started new with all the money I made for them streaming and almost a year of work. I didn't take it well.. I have a hard time dealing with betrayal when I think I am having it down to me. I know probably no amount of words will help but I really am sorry for the break down I had. My hope to be unban is at the very least to say I am sorry to each of you and to the community as a whole for my actions, and to play with the rust group, PUBG when the new updates hit, and possibly DAYZ when beta hits (Also if what I heard is true and if I get into DAYZ I would gladly pay a bit to help with making our own server, despite me being hard on money). Sincerely Sorry, Christoper W. S.
  22. Picard & Voodoo Ban appeal

    Admins will be looking into your ban appeal tonight at our meeting. Thanks!
  23. Picard & Voodoo Ban appeal

    Hello gents! VooDoo and myself were hit with the ban hammer. I was able to reconnect via VPN using throwaway account Discord account and talk with Portuga about it. I no doubt might have come off the wrong way when I first encountered Portuga. The first time we played was Shoreline and I walked up to a body he killed and just took a look. I find it exciting to look at kills. This doesn't mean I am looting them though. I was instantly accused of taking items which I was not. I know proper etiquette on looting. It instantly reminded me of a player on RISE who would accuse and yell, so my instinct was to lash back instantly placing Portuga in the same player camp of a player called Jesus. I thought I was playing with the same type of person. ( I thought everyone from Rise was a stoned hilibilly since the first people I played with were Jesus and Mclovin) I called Portuga a Hillbilly like Jesus. Had no idea Portuga was a founder of the Rise Group, didn't care at the time. I can be pretty unfiltered. Weeks went by and I continued to play and had positive experiences playing with Portuga. Portuga really likes to focus on teamwork and I actually started to learn a lot from him and looked forward to having him on. Turns out McLovin and Jesus were not the norm and that was pretty clear from playing with Portuga and others. Hellbringer in a sense is someone that could easily be misunderstood and considered brash. After getting to know Hellbringer, I consider Hellbringer to be one of the pillars here. I looked forward to playing with him once I was adjusted to his personality. (personality is totally awesome btw.) MeowMix, Hellbringer, Wolfy and SparkXz really play a big part of me having a great time playing and I miss playing in a squad. They all set great examples for new players that join on discord as well and make me want to be a better person on Rise. Now while I can't speak directly for VooDoo, he did a pretty shitty thing while in a full squad by rushing to the Mark room. To give a little perspective, VooDoo and myself were alone in Squad 3 for 5 hours playing alone doing Custom night runs after run nonstop. Everyone joined at one point and the mental focus he was in and repetition from the previous hours didn't change for him. VooDoo was in a zone and I don't think he realized what he did wrong. I told him he can't do that in squad games since it's rude and his perspective was "They joined us" He realizes it was wrong but sometimes people make mistakes. All in all, this game is very intense. It is going to make the most passionate people get intense at times. While I do now see the actions that caused the ban, I am deeply sorry. I really do enjoy playing with the group on discord and hope you can let us both back in. I will work on my behavior along with helping to coach my brother Voodoo. Thanks for the consideration. Picard
  24. Mr.Sandman

    Hello! I`m Mr.Sandman and I`m the founder of Risen Coalition Gaming. I am on discord most of the time and if you have any questions or concerns you can always contact me or an admin.
  25. Discord down

    It does this occasionally. There are plans of opening a public RISE teamspeak once we get game servers going.
  26. Discord down

    With discord being down is their another voip in place? If not I have full access to a teamspeak server if needed. I think it may only be a 20 man but that can be fixed. Let me know on here through messaging or here.
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